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We simply have no choice. Fossil fuels are quickly running out and bio fuels represent a clean, green, sustainable alternative.

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Tim L 2073 days ago

Biofuels take energy out of the hands of corporate giants and the global elite. Bio fuels can be made by almost anyone and can be used to power small-scale farm and local workshop machinery and electricity generators as well as vehicles.

UP 43% | DOWN 57% (46 votes)
Pilot 2074 days ago

Why the debate? Bio fuels are derived from agricultural crops. They are renewable. Our farmers produce them, thus reducing dependence on foreign oil.

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Sonya 2074 days ago

Its time to get the facts straight.
Fact: Life as we know it is carbon based
Fact: The energy cycle involves conversion of CO2 to simple sugars by a process called photosynthesis.
Fact: The Earth is currently in a natural warming cycle not a 100% attributable to anthropogenic sources.
Fact: The greenest phase in the planet's history was also the phase when atmospheric CO2 levels were the highest. This was the age of the giants.

UP 50% | DOWN 50% (30 votes)
khuidude 2046 days ago

Duh! Can you say global warming? CO2 is destroying our planet. Holy holy bio fuels!

UP 31% | DOWN 69% (45 votes)
Duh 2075 days ago

it's good idea!

UP 30% | DOWN 70% (44 votes)
Ingvar 2070 days ago

Yes i am voting FOR.

UP 28% | DOWN 73% (40 votes)
Alex 2060 days ago

Biofuels it's good idea! I'm voting for!

UP 28% | DOWN 73% (40 votes)
Aleksey 2054 days ago

Bio fuels are clean and carbon neutral? Think again. We're clearing virgin land to make room for biofuels. Any moderate emission savings are far outweighed by greater emissions from deforestation, burning, peat drainage, cultivation and soil-carbon losses.

UP 77% | DOWN 23% (79 votes)
Branden 2073 days ago

Burning anything, oil, gas, grass, peanut extract - no matter where it comes from, burning hydrocarbons pollutes the environment.

The answer to global warming is geo-thermal, wind, wave, hydro-electric, nuclear - not making carbon dioxide out of a different fuel.

UP 72% | DOWN 28% (58 votes)
Dan 2047 days ago

I am against biofuels because it eat's up our food resources, I am a proponent for hydrogen rather than biofuels due to the fact it burns cleanly and overall is safe.

UP 65% | DOWN 35% (37 votes)
Andrew 2046 days ago

Biofuels not only are responsible for huge amounts of land being illegally converted into crop fields, it also reduces the amount of food available on the markets which in turn raises the price of food across the world. At the receiving end of this trend are the developing countries, who won't be able to afford importing basic foods any more.

We need to focus on renewable energy, not biofuels.

UP 70% | DOWN 30% (30 votes)
boobie 2047 days ago

It definitely does not help the world for Rain Forests to be destroyed so developing countries can grow biofuel crops instead. Developed worlds should be paying developing countries to keep the forests, not burn them!

UP 72% | DOWN 28% (29 votes)
Baracuda 2047 days ago

Relatively little land is needed for oil rigs and pipelines compared to the size of the vast underground oil fields that they tap into. The same is not true of biofuels.

UP 57% | DOWN 43% (35 votes)
michelle 2074 days ago

i recently did the math. It would require us to use 96% of the US land mass for biofuel just to power the current number of cars on the road.

it takes 300+ gallons of diesel to farm 1 acre of biofuel. 1 acre = 75 gallons of biofuel.

UP 63% | DOWN 38% (32 votes)
matt a 2046 days ago

Cars that run biofuels get 25% less fuel economy

Biofuels are still managed by large energy giants. Its called the free market system, and just like oil, its sold to the highest bidder.

The real answer: Better fuel economy cars, mass transit, better driving habits, and alternative fuels for mass production, that are sustainable.

UP 61% | DOWN 39% (31 votes)
matt 2046 days ago
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